IT India Europe

We are the first IT/HR consultancy specialized in India based out of Barcelona.

We help you to make the most of IT/HR resources in the subcontinent by achieving two main goals:

1. Accessing the best international digital talent
2. Optimizing your technology costs

and we do it through the following services:

Virtual IT Office - Outstaffing

Enjoy the advantages of your virtual IT office in India with your own team 100% dedicated to your technological projects.

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A platform of IT companies with professionals in India for your software development & maintenance projects.

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We go along with and support you so that you locate your own IT office in India and get incredible savings in your production costs.

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Our specialists optimize in time, cost and quality those administrative tasks which, althought not core, are essential for your business.

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The country of the Taj Mahal offers you plenty and qualified IT talent, an amazing improvement of your production costs and the positioning of your products in one of the biggest and most dynamic markets in the world.

Our long experience in IT business in the subcontinent, our wide network of contacts and the knowledge of the local market will make your project go faster, reduce the learning curve, prevent unnecessary mistakes and bring in good practices specific to the country.

With IT India Europe, your IT strategy is in good hands.
Spice your talent! Spice your IT! Spice your business!

Virtual IT office in India (Outstaffing)

Enjoy the advantages of your virtual IT office in India with your own team 100% dedicated to your technological projects. Among them, you get big savings compared with the cost of hiring employees in Europe and you get access to an IT talent source practically unlimited.

We provide office space and administrative support which allow you to comfortably manage your resources and projects without having to worry about legal, fiscal or labour issues. If you wish, you can use our postal address to publish your office in India for information purposes.

Our centers in India have ISO-9001, ISO-27001 certifications and high security measures which facilitate the compliance with regulations such as ISO, GDPR, LOPD, ENS or SOX.

We are ready to setup your virtual IT office within a few days and will compose your staffing with great flexibility, being able to assign full time, part time and in shifts resources.

How does it work?How much does it cost?How much will I save?How to apply?
1) You define the team: number of engineers, experience, profile and technology, as well as the beginning date and the duration.
2) The minimum staffing to hire is two people during four months each.
3) We introduce you the candidates for your approval.
4) Your virtual IT office in India is setup on the agreed date.
5) The team works 100% dedicated to your projects, following your planning, methodology, standards and instructions. You control deliveries and monitor quality.
6) You just have to coordinate holidays and leaves with our partner company in India.
An initial fee (only once) and a monthly fee are paid for each team member, according to his/her profile.
This will depend on your current cost to company (CTC).
Typical expenses to include in the calculation are:
– Hiring cost & time
– Gross annual salary
– Social security (company part)
– Perks (gym, food, medical insurance, language tuition classes, etc)
– Education cost & time
– Office space, computers & infrastructure
– Severance package
– etc.
Simply fill in the form according to your estimates and press ‘Send’. This will send us an email that we will respond to shortly.

Request a quotation

No.Engineers Experience Profile Technology No.Months BeginningDate ShifTime


Reduce your costs. You will save money with respect to hiring employees in Europe and therefore your products or services will have a much lower cost.

Increase your competitiveness. The virtual office helps you compete in a globalized world. It is possible that your customers, suppliers and partners already enjoy similar advantages.

Stop the war for talent. End the shortage of IT talent and wage escalation in Europe. There is abundance and availability of IT professionals in all technologies in India.

♦ AGILE-ready. The virtual office in India is ideal for projects using agile methods.

♦ Prevent your projects from being parked. With the virtual office you will never again park IT projects waiting to get staff.

Make your staff more flexible. The virtual office in India is flexible when updating staffing and its deadlines.

Size your global service schedules. Depending on your needs, your team could work from 8h from Monday to Friday IST/CET/GMT² to 24/7/365 through the establishment of shifts.

Save space in your headquarters. Optimize the space and costs of your headquarters and make them independent of your project portfolio.

It is useful in contingency situations. It is a valuable resource for the recovery of your business.

Optimize training. If you have to train your team, India offers you much cheaper prices to carry it out.

Guarantee security. Your virtual office activity will be physically and logically protected, thanks to the security measures and certifications adopted by our partners.

Internationalize your company. The virtual office in India gives your products/services access to new international markets as well as new opportunities within the country.

Prepare for offshoring. If your ultimate goal is to have your own office in India, the virtual office is a tool which allows you to gain experience and resources for that purpose.

² The time difference between India and central Europe is 3,5 hours (4,5 in winter time).

Software outsourcing in India

IT India Europe has created a platform of IT Indian companies selected by means of an exhaustive homologation process so you can outsource your software development & maintenance projects  confidently and at competitive prices.

We are constantly working to meet all market specialities and give a full solution to companies IT needs.

Tell us about your software project, we will thoroughly analyze the requirements and will give you an optimal solution in terms of technology, functionality, timing and cost.

Our team of IT engineers, which counts on wide experience and continuing education, will attend to your projects in all these technologies:

Plataforma IT India Barcelona

Programming Language

.NET 4D ABAP ABC ActionScript Ada Alice Apex ASP.NET Assembler Assembly AssemblyScript AWK B4Android B4PPC B4X Bash BASIC Basic for Qt Batch Blender Blockly Boo Bosque Bourne shell Brython C C/AL C# C++ C++/CLI C++/WinRT Carbon Chapel CICS Clipper Clojure CLP COBOL COBOL/400 CoffeeScript CommonLisp CORBA Core Java CouldFusion Crystal Cshell CSS Grid CSS3 cT CUDA Curl Cypher D Dart Delphi DHTML Eclipselink ECMAScript EJB Elixir/Phoenix Elm EmacsLisp Entity Framework Erlang Express F# FlexBox Forth Fortran FoxPro Gambas Glassfish Go Golang Google Apps Script GraphQL Groovy Hack Handlebars Haskell Haxe HCL Domino HTML HTML Canvas HTML5 IBM RPG Icon ILE Inform Intermec-IPL Io ISOCPP J J# J2EE J2ME J2SE JADE Jakarta EE Java Java EE Java Servlet JavaBeans Javascript JCL JDBC JEE Jelly Jruby JS JSP Julia Jython Kbasic Kornshell Kotlin LabVIEW Ladder Logic Language conversion Latino Linq Lisp LiveCode Log4J Logo LotusNotes Lua Makefile Map Maple Markdown MATLAB Maya MEAN Mercury MERN Monkey MPS MQL4 MyBatis NATURAL Nim Object Pascal Objective-C OCaml Opa OpenEdge ABL OpenJPA Oz P5JS Pascal Perl PHP PJava PL-SQL PL/I PostScript PowerCOBOL PowerShell Progress Prolog PureData Python Python Monkey Q QBasic QML R Racket Razor Reason Redux Roy Ruby Rust SASS Scala Scheme Scratch SCSS Shell Simulink Solidity SOQL/SOSL SPARQL SQL Swagger Swift T-SQL TASM Tcl Transact-SQL TypeScript V VB Script VB.NET VBA Verilog VHDL Visual Basic Visual COBOL Vpython VSTO Waba Wasm WCF WebAssembly WebGL WMI WPF WSGI X++ X10 XC Zebra-CPCL Zebra-ZPL Zig Zshell


A-Frame abcjs Acquia Actix AdonisJS Agora Ajax Amcharts AMD Anaconda Android SDK Android Things Angular 2+ Angular Universal AngularJS Anvil Apache Flex ApexCharts AppMetrica Appverse Aseprite Astro Aurelia Axios Azle Babel BackboneJS Beauter BeeWare behat billboard.js Blade Templates Blazor Blitz Blue Phrase Boilerplate Bootstrap Bottle Briefcase Browserify Brunch Bulma Bun CA-Plex CakePHP Callstack CanJS CanvasJS Castle Windsor Chartist.js ChartJS ClojureScript Closure Cocoa CodeIgniter Compass Cordova Corona SDK CSR CSS-Doodle CSSJanus CSSlayout D3JS Dapper Deno Diesel Django Django REST framework Doctrine Dojo Drogon dygraphs EF EJS ElectronJS Eloquent EmberJS Entity Esbuild ESM ExpressJS ExtJS Falcon FastAPI Fastify Feathers Felix Flask Flet Flutter Font Awesome Foundation Frappe Fresh FuelPHP FusionChart GameMaker GatsbyJS Godot Google Charts Graphbase Gridsome GulpJS Guzzle GWT Hasura Hexo Hibernate Highcharts htmx Hydrogen Hyperapp Insomnia Ionic Ionic Angular Ionic React Jetpack Compose jOOQ JPA JQuery JQueryMobile JSX Kafka Streams Kendo Kivy Knockout Kotlin Multiplatform KPHP KrakenD Laminas Laravel Leaf PHP Less LitElement Livewire Lumen Material-UI Meteor MFC Micronaut Middleman Mithril Modernizr Mongoose MooTools NativeScript NestJS NewCSS NextJS NodeJS npm NuxtJS ObjectARX OpenAPI OpenCL ORM Parcel Pear Phalcon Phaser PhoneGap PHPixie PHPOffice Play Framework pnpm PolymerJS PostCSS Postman Preact Prisma Studio PromiseJS Prototype Pure.css Pyramid PyScript Qt QT Designer Quarkus Quasar Qwik Qwt RAML Ray raylib React Native ReactiveJS ReactJS ReactPHP ReactPy Reagent Recharts RedBean RedWoodJS Reflex Relay Remix Rhino rollup.js ROR Ruby on Rails RunBase RXJS Saber Salvo Sapper Scully Semantic UI Sencha Sencha Ext JS Sequelize Sheetsee.js Shiny Silex Silverlight Sinatra Slim Sling Smarty Snowpack SolidJS Spring Spring Batch Spring Boot Spring Cloud Spring Data Spring MVC Spring REST Spring Security SQLAlchemy SSG SSR SST Stencil Streamlit Struts Stylus Substance Designer Substance Painter Susy Svelte SvelteKit Symfony SymPy SystemJS Tailwind CSS Tauri TCPDF Tesseract.js ThreeJS Titanium Tornado Tridiv tRPC Twig Twisted TypeORM TypeScript ZOD Ubiquo UMD UmiJS UnderscoreJS Unity Unreal Engine V8 VanillaHTML VanillaJS Velocity Vercel Vert-X Vest Visjs Visualforce Vite VueJS Vuex Wails Web Workers Web2py Webpack Weex WSO2 Xamarin Yii Z Brush Zola


123apps 3D/Immersive design A/B Testing A360 Adobe CS Adobe XD After Effects Ant Design Atomic Design Auphonic Autodesk Autotracer Axure Behance BuiltWith Canva Capcut CATIA Creative Cloud Express CSS Animation CX Design thinking Dreamweaver Edit Excalidraw Figma Fiori Flinto FlowMapp Framer GIMP Gravit Designer GreenSock High fidelity design Illustrator Image Banks Immersive media InDesign CC Inkscape InVision Ionicons Irfanview Krita LottieFiles Low fidelity design Markdoc Marvel Medium Minimalist design Mobile first Mockup Parallax Photopea Photoshop Picsart Piktochart Plot Generator Powtoon Retro/vintage design SAP UI5 Scribus Sketch Sketch2Code StoryBook Style Stage SVG Animation SVGPS Synopsis Tally Telerik TinyWow UI UI Design uiverse Uizard Usability User experience design User Flow User interface design User Persona UX UX Design uxfolio Vegas Web performance Wireframe XD Zecoda Zencastr Zeplin


Android Studio AWS Cloud9 IDE C++Builder Code::Blocks CodePen Coder CodeSandbox Colaboratory Conda Datalore Dev-Pascal Eclipse Emacs ESlint Free Pascal IDE Geany Gitpod GNU Emacs Helix IDE Plugin IntelliJ Idea JCreator JDeveloper JetBrains JSFiddle Jupyter Notebook JupyterLab KDevelop Komodo Lapce Lazarus LeetCode Microsoft Small Basic MinGW MonoDevelop MyEclipse NeoVim NetBeans Ninja-IDE Notepad++ OpenCobolIDE Oracle Developer Studio PHPStorm Prettier Project IDX PyCharm PyDev QDevelop R Tools for Visual Studio Replit RStudio RubyMine Scala IDE Space Spring Tools Spyder Sublime Text Thonny Vim VisualVM VS Code WebSphere Integration Developer WebStorm Xcode Zend


Appium Applications test AutonomIQ BDD behave BrowserStack Chai Code review CodeGuru Cornell Cucumber Cypress E2E testing EasyMock Functional Testing Functionize Jacoco JasmineJS Jest JMeter JUnit Karma Katalon LoadRunner Mabl Mocha Mockito NightwatchJS nose NUnit Parasoft Selenic Perfecto Performance test PHP Unit Playwright Protractor PSR Puppeteer pytest Quality assurance Quality control Quality management Ranorex Webtestit Rational Robot Robot Framework Selenium Serenity BDD Silk test SoapUI Software testing SonarQube Sphinx Spock STLC TDD Test case Test Craft Test suite TestIM TestLink TestNG Tricentis UAT Unit testing unittest vcrpy Vitest White-box testing WinRunner


ActiveMQ ALM Octane Amazon Honeycode Ansible Ant Apache MQ Argo Artifactory Asana Atlassian AWS Cloud Formation AWS CodeCommit AWS CodePipeline Azure DevOps Azure Pipelines Bamboo Basecamp Bitbucket Blackboard BMC BMC Helix ITSM Bower Celery CI/CD CircleCI ClickUp Cloudflare Pages Clubhouse Codeship Composer Concourse Continuous delivery Continuous integration CVS DataDog Delibera DevOps Doodle Dropbox Paper EAI Evernote Fastlane GanttProject Git GitBucket GitFlow GitHub GitHub Actions GitLab GitMind Gradle Grunt Gulp Halp Helm IBM ADDI Integration Integromat Issue tracker Jenkins Jenkins X Jira Kanbanize Loomio Lucidchart MantisBT Mattermost Maven Mavenlink Mercurial miro MS DevOps MS Planner MS-Project Mulesoft Nexus Notion Obsidian OpenShift Pipelines PowerCenter Primavera P6 ProjectLibre ProjectPier Prometheus RabbitMQ Red Hat Fuse Redmine Remedy Repository Resource leveling Roadmaps Salesforce DX Servicenow Slack smartsheet SOLACE Sourcetree Spinnaker SQS Stormboard Subversion SVN Team City Tekton Terraform TFS Toggl Tortoise Travis Trello Vapor Version control Waf Whimsical Workflowy Wrike Yammer ZeroMQ


Akamai Alchemy Alibaba Cloud Alicloud Amazon AWS AWS Amplify AWS API Gateway AWS Athena AWS CDK AWS CloudWatch AWS EBS AWS EC2 AWS EC2 Container Service AWS EKS AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS Fargate AWS IAM AWS Lambda AWS RDS AWS S3 AWS SAM AWS VPC Azure App Service Azure Blob Storage Azure Container Service Azure Data Factory Azure Functions Azure SQL Database Azure Virtual Machines Boto3 Box cfn-lint Civo Cloud applications Cloud Computing Cloud Foundry CloudFront CloudStack Cosmos DB Data Lake Digital Ocean Docker Dokku Drive Dropbox Fly GCP GCP APP Engine GCP BigQuery GCP Cloud Datastore GCP Cloud Functions GCP Compute Engine GCP Kubernetes Engine GCP Storage GitHub Pages Glitch Google Cloud Google Cloud Composer Google Cloud Storage Google Drive Heroku Hortonworks Hybrid Cloud IBM Cloud iCloud Intune K8s Linode MongoDB Atlas MS AKS MS Azure MVPS NetApp Netlify OCI OnApp OneDrive OpenNebula OpenShift OpenStack OpenWhisk ownCloud Photon Private Cloud Public Cloud PythonAnywhere Railway render Serverless SkySQL Snowflake Surge Terabox Virtual private cloud VMware Yandex


3D Scanner Ab Initio Adobe Aggregation & grouping Ambari Apache Airflow 2 Apache Spark Apache Storm ARIMA Avro Azul Azure HDInsight Barcodes Beam BigData BIM Cassandra Ceph CKAN Cloudera Connector CSV Dask Data analysis Data Architecture Data Blending Data capture Data Cleansing Data Communication Data connectivity Data engineering Data Exchange Data exploration Data Fabric Data governance Data management Data Management Platforms Data mapping Data marketplace Data Mart Data migration Data mining Data modeling Data quality Data science Data Security Data services Data storage Data Strategy Data validation Data Virtualization Data visualization Data warehouse Data wrangling Data-entry Databricks DataCleaner DataOps Delta Lake denodo Dr. Elephant DSaaS DTS DTSX EAN EDA ElasticSearch ELT ETL Excel - Master Level Flink FME Google CoLab Google Data Studio Graph DB Hadoop HAWQ Hbase HDF HDFS Hive HPCC JSON JSONCrack Kafka Kaggle LEAN Analytics LiDAR Luigi Maltego MapReduce Master data Metron Mockaroo MS Fabric MyAirBridge n8n NetCDF ODI OLAP Oozie Open Data Open Refine Oracle ODI Photogrammetry Pig Polycam Power Query Presto Protobuf PySpark QR Qubole Quilt Rapidminer Redash Redpanda Reverse ETL Rows Samza Scaniverse Smash SOAP Spark SQL Spark Streaming Splunk Sqoop SSAS SSIS SSRS Statwing Synchronization Talend Talend Open Studio TEZ TIBCO TIBCO EB Trifacta Wetransfer XML YAML YARN YDRAY Zeppelin Zint


Accumulo ADABAS Amazon Aurora ArangoDB Autonomous Database Column-oriented DBMS Couchbase CouchDB Data vault modeling Database design Databases DataGrip Datastax Dataverse DBase DBeaver DBMS Derby Documental database Druid DynamoDB EER Diagrams ELK FaunaDB FileMaker Firebird Flume Grafana Graph database H2 Hazelcast HeidiSQL HyperFile Hypertable IBM DB2 Impala In-memory database Infinite graph InfluxDB Informix Iris Data Platform IRIS for Health Key–value database Kibana ksqlDB LevelDB Logstash MariaDB MarkLogic Memcached MongoDB MS SQL Server MS-Access MSAzureSQL mycli MySQL Navicat Neo4j NoSQL Oracle OracleNoSQL PostgreSQL Query Realm Redis restdb Riak SAP HANA SimpleDB SQLite SQLyog SurrealDB SyBase Teradata Toad

Artificial Intelligence

AI Builder Algorithmia AlphaZero Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab Applied AI Autonomous Systems Bard Bigrams Bing Bing Chat BLOOM Bokeh BrainJS Caffe Chainer Chatbot ChatGPT Claude CNTK Codex Codium Cognitive computing Computer vision Conversation & Human Interaction DALL·E 2 Data augmentation Data sets Decision Tree Deep learning Dialogflow DL Dub video DVC Expert systems Face detection Facial recognition Fliki Forefront Chat Generative adversarial networks Generative AI ggplot2 Github Copilot Goal-Driven Systems Google AI platform Google DeepMind GPT-3 Grammarly Handwriting recognition happyscribe HermiT HoloViz Hugging Face Hyper Personalization IBM Watson Image analysis Image recognition Immersive Reality Industrializing Machine Learning Jasper K-means clustering K-nearest neighbors Keras KNN Kofax Kubeflow Linear Programming Losswise Machine Learning Mahout Matplotlib Midjourney ML ML DevOps MLflow MLJS MLOPS ModelOps MXNet Natural language processing Neural Network NeuroJS Nia NLP NLU NumPy ONNX Ontology OpenAI OpenAI Playground OpenChat OpenCV OSINT Overleaf PaLM Pandas Paraphraser Patterns & Anomalies Perplexity Plotly Polyaxon Power Virtual Agents Predictive analytics ProWritingAid PyCaret PyMLpipe PyTorch Quill RAPIDS Rask Reasoner Reinforcement learning Robotics ROS Runway SageMaker Scikit-Learn Seaborn SELDON Sentiment Analysis SHAP SigOpt Speech recognition Speech synthesis Speech to text Stable Diffusion Statistical regression Stdlib Supervised Learning Support Vector Machines Synaptic Teachable Machine Tensor RT TensorBoard TensorFlow Text analysis Text to speech Theano Tome Torch Transfer Learning Transformers Unsupervised learning Vector Database Wav2Lip Weights and biases Weka


AutoEntry AutoHotkey AutoIT Automation Anywhere Blue Prism Blueprism Conexiom Contextor Excel Macros Kryon Macros Make MuleSoft RPA Nintex Power automate Python scripts Robotic process automation ScriptRunner Tallyfy UiPath Workato WorkFusion Zapier

Low Code no Code

Adalo Airtable App Inventor Apphive Appian AuraQuantic Bildr Bizagi Bubble Case tools Chatfuel FlutterFlow Glide GoNative Google App Builder IFTTT Jotform KissFlow Low-code development Mendix OutSystems Paperform Pega PowerApps Purchasely PWCT Softr Synon Thunkable Typedream Typeform Webflow Zoho Creator


a11y AEM Alfresco Alfresco ACS Alfresco APS Appwrite Autonomy Carrd Chamilo CKEditor CloudCannon Cloudflare CMS Concrete5 Confluence Content management Contenta Contentful CQ5 Craft Documentum Docusaurus Docuware Drupal ECM Eleventy Episerver eZ Publish FileNet Firebase Ghost Blog Headless CMS Hugo jDownloads Jekyll Joomla Liferay Livelink MediaWiki Moodle Open Real Estate Open Text OpenCms Opendocman opentext ph7CMS Php Nuke phpBB Pligg Plone PmWiki Pocketbase Prismic R2Docuo Sakai Sanity SharePoint SilverStripe Sitecore Sitefinity Solr Statamic Stellent Storyblok Supabase Tiki Wiki Typo3 Umbraco WordPress Xoops


2Checkout 3dcart Abante Cart Amazon Pay Arastta AspDotNetStorefront B2B B2C bambuser BigCommerce Braintree Buy Me a Coffee Cegid Retail Centra Cleo Clarify Comandia comerzzia CubeCart Dark store Demandware Ecwid EDI EDICOM EDIFACT eDiversa EDIWIN Epayco EPOS FHIR GHX Gumroad Headless commerce HikaShop HL7 inaCatalog IoB LogiCommerce M2M Magento Marketplace Memberstack Mercado Shops Mirakl Mirth Mobile commerce nopCommerce Oleoshop Online booking Online catalog Online shopping Online store Opencart Oracle Commerce OSCommerce Paycomet Payment gateway Payment methods Paypal Payu POS Prestashop Q-Commerce Recommender system Revolut Sandbox SAP Hybris Selligent Shopify Shopify Plus Storm Commerce Stripe Sylius tpaga Unstack Virtuemart Volusion Wepay Wix Woocommerce Zen Cart


3C evolution A3ERP abas Acumatica Agresso Akénéo Alnova Ariba ArisGlobal Avature ATS Axapta Baan BambooHR Bizneo BlueYonder BPCS Brightpearl Brokermint Canvas Captio CloudBlue PSA Coda Compass Contasol Cornerstone COTS DAM Datisa Delfin DELMIAworks Deltek Costpoint Deltek Vision Digital asset management Dolibarr DRP Dynamics 365 Business Central Dynamics 365 F&O Dynamics AX Dynamics NAV Emagia Epicor EPM ePROMIS Epsilon ERPAG ERPNext Eurydice Expensya Factorial HR FacturaPlus FinancialForce GPCN HighRadius Holded IFS imRiver Infor Infor d/EPM Infor LX Infor M3 IQVIA Ivanti iWACS JBA System/21 JD Edwards EnterpriseOne JDA MMS JobBOSS² Kinetic Kronos LIBRA LIMS LMS LucaNet Lumesse TalentLink MasterPiece MES Meta4 MRP MS Dynamics Navision NetSuite Odoo OpenBravo OpenEMR OpenERP Oracle ERP OrangeHRM PeopleSoft Personio PIM Pimcore Pimware Point of Sale Prinex PRMS Product Information Management QS QTM Quable QuickBooks Sage 200 Sage 50 Sage Intacct Sage X3 Salsify SAP Business ByDesign SAP Business One SAP Business Warehouse SAP ECC SAP Enterprise SAP R/3 SAP S/4HANA Cloud SISLOG SISnet SRM STM Syspro TAAF Tally Unit4 Veeva Vincle WMS Workday X-HIS Xero XRT-Cerg Finance Zoho


ActiveCampaign Apptivo Base Creatio Dynamics CRM eWay-CRM Folk ForceManager Freshdesk HubSpot Insightly Mobentis Monday N5 Now Netsuite Oracle Sales Cloud OroCRM Pipedrive Pivotal CRM Quip Reltio Sage CRM Salesforce SAP C4C SAP CRM Saratoga Siebel SugarCRM SuiteCRM Teamleader vTiger WoowUp Zendesk Sell Zoho CRM


Actiondesk Analysis Services Business Intelligence Business Objects Cognos Count Crystal Reports Dashboards DataStage Dataviz Datawrapper DAX DAX Studio Grid Hyperion Information is Beautiful Jasper Reports KNIME Kylin Looker Looker Studio Metabase Microsoft BI MicroStrategy Minatab OAS Oracle BI Pentaho Power BI Qlik Sense Reports SAC Sales reports SAP Crystal Server SAS SAS Visual Analytics Sisense Spotfire SPSS Stata Statistica Tableau Tabular Editor Tom Sawyer


Acronis True Image Active Directory Amazon Machine Image Antivirus AnyDesk Apache ApacheBench AS/400 Asterisk Autopsy Avaya AWS CloudFormation Backup Barrier Bazaar BladeCenter Brother Buildkite BusyBox CCNA CHEF Cisco Citrix Clonezilla Cluster CMMS Computer Networks Container Cpanel DAG Dark Trace Data center Dataminer dbDOS DevSecOps DHCP DietPi Distributed Systems DMZ DNS EAM Edge-Clusters eMaint Embedded servers EMM Envoy Exchange FileZilla Firewall FluxCD Fortigate Fortinet FTP Genesys Gigya GitOps Graphite grommunio Hardware Hardware maintenance HelpDesk Hosting HP Hyper-V i5 IBM IBM Power Systems IBM System i IBM System/36 IBM System/38 Identity management IIS Intermec iSeries Istio IT infrastructure IT Operations Management Jamf JBoss JVM Kopano Kubernetes Kustomize KVM LAMP LAN/WAN/VLAN Laragon Layer0 LDAP Lens Linkerd LogMeIn LXD ManageEngine MDM MDT Mesos Mobile Mobile Networks Munin Nagios Networks NewRelic Nextcloud Nginx Nhost NiFi Ninite NMS NOC NS3 OLA OneIdentity Operations Oveo OX App Suite Package management Palo Alto Payara PBX PDA Perforce Portainer POS equipment PowerToys Privoxy Proxy Pulumi Puppet Putty QEMU Qshell Rancher RAS RIM Rocket RPC Rufus RustDesk SaltStack SAP NetWeaver Scalability Screen Seeburger Site reliability engineering Site24x7 SlickStack Slurm Snort SSH SuChat Swarm Switching SysAid Systems upgrade Technical support Telecommunications Tomcat TPC/IP Troubleshooting Vagrant Varnish Vault VAX Veeam Ventoy Veritas Virtual Machine VirtualBox VirtualHost Virtualization VNC VoIP VPN WAMP WARP Weblogic WebSphere WHMCS WildFly Wine WinSCP Wireshark Wordops X Server XAMPP XDR Zabbix Zebra ZooKeeper


AIX Android Android Auto Apple OSX BharOS BlackBerry OS CentOS Chrome OS Chrome OS Flex Chromium OS Debian Fedora FreeBSD FreeDOS Fuchsia GNU/Linux Google Chrome OS Haiku Harmony OS i5/OS IBM CPF IBM i iOS KaiOS Linux MacOS MS-DOS OpenMVS OpenSUSE Operating systems OS/2 OS/400 pfSense PrimeOS ReactOS Red Hat Slackware Linux Solaris Strelec Ubuntu Ubuntu Web UNIX Whonix Windows Windows Mobile Windows Phone Windows Server Windows-CE WSL z/OS Zorin


Advanced connectivity Arduino Buddy DeviceHive Espressif Home Assistant IIoT Industry 4.0 Internet of things Kaa Kinoma Libelium MicroPython Node-RED Pyboard Raspberry RIOT Smart City Smart Enterprises Smart Grids Smart Mobility Theengs Thinger Twilio IOT Upswift Waspmote


Administrator’s Guides Advisory services Application integration Architecture design Automation Balanced scorecard BCP Best practices BIA BPR Brand strategy Business Analysis Business applications Business consulting Business model canvas Business process Business process outsourcing Business Strategy Call Center Collaborative technologies Compliance management Continuous improvement Cost optimization Cost reduction Customer & Product Strategy Digital Assets Consultancy Digital business Digital Operations Model Digital products Digital signature Digital strategy Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Metrics Digitization Disaster recovery Document management e-Business e-Health e-Learning Electronic invoicing Enterprise architecture Enterprise software Enterprise solutions Feasibility analysis FinTech Functional analysis Gamification HealthTech Home automation Information security Information Systems Intellectual property Intelligent automation IT Audit IT consulting IT Governance IT portfolio management IT service management IT strategy IT training Judicial IT expertise Legacy Application Modernization Legacy Modernization Managed Services Management Consulting Management software Mobile solutions Mobility Mobility solutions MVP Offshoring Omnichannel Open Innovation Optimization Outsourcing Outstaffing PCI DSS PLM PMO Policies and procedures Privacy Process management Process Mining Product Engineering Project management Project management office Regulatory compliance Release Plan Requirements analysis RetailTech Sales force automation Sales force management system Security Serialization Service Integration and Management SFA SIAM Software factory Software implementation Software solutions Staff Augmentation Strategic consulting Strategic Innovation Strategic learning Strategic plan Systems integration TCO Technological observatory Technology Technology assessment Technology awareness Technology consulting Technology services Telehealth Transformation programs Transformational projects User guides User training Virtual office


Adonis Agile Agile Methods ardoq BPM BPMN BPMS BPO BRMS Business Process Management Business process optimization CAPM CCII-N2016-02 CCPA CIS CMMI Cobit Collabtive CRP Drools EFQM ENS erwin FMEA GDPR GS1 HIPAA iBPMS IIBA ISO-12207 ISO-15504 ISO-22301 ISO-27001 ISO-31000 ISO-38500 ISO-9001 ITIL Kaizen Kanban Lean Startup LeanIX LeSS LOPD LSSI Methodologies NIST Omniplan OpenEHR OWASP PCIDSS PDPB-India PM2 PMBOK PMI PMP Primavera Prince2 SAFe SAP Activate SAP BPM SCORM Scrum ScrumBan SDL Six Sigma SOC2 SoS SOX Sprint Squad TOGAF UNE197010 UPN WAI WAMDIA WCAG


3D printing 3ds Max Active record AES Agile development Algorithms ALM Amadeus API AMP API API management App stores Application design Application Lifecycle Management Applications development Apps development ArcGIS Pro Aspect-oriented programming Asynchronous programming Augmented reality AutoCAD Beacons Blockchain Blog Bonita Bots CAD Clean code CLI Tooling Computer forensic analysis Computer Graphics Computing Computing platform Concurrent programming CQRS Cross-platform development Cryptography Custom software Customizations Cybersecurity DDD Design and Analysis of Algorithms Design Patterns Dia Diagrams Digital Image Processing Digital twins Domain-driven design Domains DRY DSA DSDM Edge computing Encryption Esri Event-Driven architecture Extranet Facebook apps FDD Flow diagrams Fog computing FOSS Functional programming Gaming Geo-spatial Geolocation GIS GoF Google Apps Google Maps Google Maps API Google Visualization API GPL GPS GPS tracking GPSD GPU GRASP gRPC GUI development Hexagonal architecture Hybrid Apps Hyperautomation i18n & L10n IaaS Information Retrieval Infosec Inmersive experiences Interface Internationalization and localization Intranet IOC Iron Triangle Jamstack KANO model KISS KPI KPO Lambda Lean software development Libraries LMS365 MarTech Mastercam Microfrontend Microservices Migration Minimum viable product Mob Programming Mobile applications MS-Visio Multi-tenancy MVC MVVM Native Apps NaviLens NDA Oauth Obfuscation Object Constraint Language Object Oriented Methodology OCR OKR On-Premises OOP Open API Open Source Open Workbench OpenACC OSS OTT PaaS Pair Programming Parallel computing Parsing PERT PESTEL Analysis Plugins Poka-yoke Pragmatic programming Predictive methods Product Backlog Programming Programming tools Progressive Web App Progressive webapps Proof of concept Prosody Prototypes PWA QGIS Quantum technology RAD Rapid Prototyping Razor pages RDD Refactoring Responsive design REST REST API RESTful Revit RFID RIA RUP SaaS SAP-IMG Scientific Computing SDLC Service mesh SGCN SIEM Single Page Application Sitemaps SLA Smart TV applications SOA Software Software Architecture Software as a service Software craftsmanship Software design Software development Software engineering Software maintenance Software release SOLID SolidWorks Solution Implementation SPA Steganography Streaming SWOT Analysis System Software Teamwork Test Driven Development Transfers Turnkey Solutions TV Apps UML V-Model Virtual reality Voice assistants VoiceTech VR/AR Waterfall Web Web 2.0 Web Analytics Web applications Web Apps Web design Web development Web Platform Web portals Web scraping Web solutions Web3 WebRTC Webservice Websites Websocket Websocketking Widget Workflow Working from home WYSIWYG XMPP XP-eXtreme programming ZWCAD

Digital Marketing

Acrelia Actito Acumbamail Adobe Campaign Advertising campaigns Alexa ASO Brand management Buffer BuzzSumo Competitor analysis Content optimization Deepcrawl Digivents Duplichecker EasyVirtualFair Elgg Email marketing EventBrite evenTwo Facebook Google Adwords Google Analytics Hootsuite Inbound marketing Infusionsoft Instagram Keap Keyword research Landing pages LimeSurvey Linkedin Mailchimp MailRelay Matomo MeetMaps Metricool Multichannel MyBB Openclassifieds Oxwall Pausible Pinterest PPC Screaming Frog Semrush Sendinblue SEO PowerSuite SEO/SEM Sitebulb SMF SMO Social Media SurveyMonkey Synthesia Twilio Twitter UGC UXCam VirtWay Web Marketing Web positioning Website audit WixShoutOut WordStream Yclas

Quantum Programming

Braket Cirq Pennylane ProjectQ Pytket Q# Qiskit


Ardor BigChainDB Corda DeFi DLT Ethereum Hydrachain Hyperledger IOTA Lamden Lisk NEM NFT Openchain Ripple Simba Solana Symbiont Tendermint VoBP


Airmeet Audacity Avidemux BlueJeans CloudApp Discord DocuSign EventLoop Flipsnack G Suite GitBook Google Duo Google Meet Google Sites GoToMeeting Hangouts Jabber JioMeet Jitsi Kahoot Kahoot! LaTeX Libre Office Loom Matrix Mentimeter Microsoft 365 Microsoft Office Morse OBS Studio On24 Outlook PaperDB PowerPoint - Master Level Prezi RedNoteBook RingCentral Rinho Screencastify Skype Sony Vegas SoundCloud Teams Teamviewer Thunderbird Webex Webinars Wire Witeboard Word - Master Level Zoom

Offshoring services

IT India Europe acts as your consultant and accompanies you in Europe and in India, throughout every phase of the establishment and development of your IT service, according to the specific needs of your organization.

Our services are designed for the IT activity in the subcontinent. Unlike other internationalization consultancies, besides helping you to land in the country, we get involved in the organization, working and growth of your IT business in India until reaching your defined objectives.

We team up with specialists we coordinate to achieve your success in the Asian giant: project directors, lawyers, chartered accountants, office suppliers, banks, recruiting and HR experts, IT suppliers, travel agencies, etc.

Current services:

  • IT Expeditions to India
  • Project management
  • Business strategy revision
  • Viability analysis
  • Business plan creation
  • Company registration and legal procedures
  • Management team search and coaching
  • Suppliers selection
  • Office leasing in technological parks and special economical zones (SEZ)
  • IT personnel recruitment
  • Administrative personnel recruitment
  • Participation in recruitment events
  • Production organization and methodology
  • Processes and people integration
  • Change management at parent company
  • Employer branding
  • Continuous support
  • Business development support
  • Marketing and branding in India
  • Support to commercial activity in India
  • Market studies
  • Commercial prospection
  • Participation in sector fairs
  • Potential partners search
  • Support to acquisitions and mergers
  • Agreements with startups
  • Audit and due diligence
  • Transfer pricing
  • IT HR consultancy
  • Legal, accountant and fiscal support
  • Advanced forex services
  • Administrative management
  • IT and non IT translations: en,es,ca
  • Business trips consultancy
  • Cultural and social consultancy
  • Business protocol consultancy

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Data-entry in India

IT India Europe counts on a team of specialists in India for your professional data-entry and data processing. We optimize in time, cost and quality those administrative tasks which, althought not core, are essential for your business.

If you have tasks that you cannot do on your own, whether due to lack of personnel, budget or time constraints; if you have periodic, continuous, intensive tasks, peak working periods or contingency situations; tasks with normal office hours, in shifts or 24x7x365.

Or if you simply have tasks needing cost improvement, this service will be very helpful.

Calculate your average monthly savings:
Labor cost per effective hour in your industry/city
(Spain: 22.55 EUR)
Effective hours of work per month
Number of workers
Average monthly savings, EUR

Our platform is ready to start working for your company in a few days and with great flexibility when it comes to forming the necessary team.

Also, our centers in India have ISO-9001, ISO-27001 certifications and high security measures which facilitate the compliance with regulations such as ISO, GDPR, LOPD, CCPA, ENS or SOX.

Tell us your data-entry and processing needs and we will surely give you a good personalized solution. Leave the data-entry in the hands of specialists and start optimizing costs today.